The Kicker

Contest starts at 4pm

Cost is $40 a person and includes and all day cable pass to practice before the event

Riding order is as follows: Grom, Pro Big-Air, Beginner, Intermediate, Wakeskate, Advanced, Pro Head-to-Head


Each rider gets 3 attempts at either of the kickers to land their best trick possible. Within each division, top 3 best tricks will make the podium. Biggest Air for each division wins a trophy!


Best Trick Guideline

Grom - 12 and under, anything goes.

Beginner - Straight airs, grabs, and 180s. No inverts or spins.

Intermediate - Basic inverts and up to 360 spin.

Wakeskate - Anything goes, except for bindings!

Advanced - Advanced inverts and up to 540 spin.

Pro - Anything goes. Head-2-Head format.

Big Air

Pros are the only division that get a separate division for “Big Air”. Each pro rider will get 2 attempts to go as big as they can!