Partner With Us

Hydrous at Allen Station is America’s premier wakeboard park with state of the art cabling systems and the best rails in the world in an unsurpassed park setting.

America’s Cable Park Group has developed the Hydrous brand with the customer in mind – our goal is to create the ultimate wakeboarding experience for our customers.

We are actively looking for other locations and we have the ability to provide support in all areas in financing, developing, managing and running a cable park. We also own a full Sesitec cable system that can be deployed upon the necessary approvals.

This expertise includes:

  • Financing all the costs of developing a cable park including the cabling systems
  • Partnering with cities, parks departments, and other government agencies to create destination oriented venues that will create new recreational amenities and potentially lucrative tax revenue sources on underutilized property
  • Development expertise, including excavating, sealing and filling lakes and securing healthy water sources through irrigation wells and other water solutions
  • Providing promotional and marketing support to ensure the maximum exposure for the wakeboard park
  • Providing additional revenue opportunities through retail, concessions, promotions, events, and other recreational activities

We have the flexibility to enter into partnerships, franchising agreements, management agreements or other legal structures to create a “win win” opportunity.

If you have any interest, please contact us at: