Hydrous Giving Back to the Community

Fund Raising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Hydrous Wake Parks receives numerous fund raising and sponsorship requests from local schools, youth groups, churches, PTA’s, booster clubs, sports teams and other non-profits. Hydrous is thrilled to support our local community groups – we support these groups in the following manner.

Gift Certificates

We regularly provide gift certificates that can be used for auctions, fundraisers or raffles. The gift certificates range from 2 hour passes, week long summer camp sessions, birthday parties or even season passes.

Splash Days

We also host fundraisers at Hydrous. These “splash days” give groups access to all of the amenities at Hydrous. The group sizes can range from 6 to 200 participants. Depending on the size of the group, we can reserve a portion or the entire park for a set time period. The groups will have access to Hydrous at a reduced rate, and the revenues that are charged to the participants are shared between Hydrous and the group. With two parks (Allen and Little Elm), we have the ability to accommodate groups located throughout North Texas.

The types of groups that we have hosted include booster clubs, churches, PTA’s, the entire 7th grade of one local school, college fraternities, sports teams, father-daughter organizations, Boy Scout/Girl Scout Troops and many others.

The way Splash Days work is simple – assuming 100 people are participating, they will reserve the park for 3 hours – the cost per participant with food is $25 which generates $2500 of revenue. $1000 of the revenue will go to the group; $1500 will go to Hydrous to cover our expenses.

We will need a 501c(3) letter for major gift requests. For more information about obtaining gift certificates or reserving splash days, please call our Allen location at 214-390-3088 or email us at info@hydrouswakeparks.com.